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FIT Foam Rolling

If there’s one piece of workout equipment I highly suggest investing in, it’s a foam roller. Foam rolling is basically a cheaper version of a deep tissue massage that you can do yourself. Similar to stretching, foam rolling will help prevent injuries by releasing muscle and connective tissue. Most importantly, you’ll feel awesome afterwards! Today CHAARG brings you a foam rolling routine that will leave you feeling refreshed afterwards.
NOTE || If you feel that you need a deeper release, replace the foam roller with a tennis ball! For any areas that seem to carry more tension, pause the rolling and use your body weight to rest the tense muscle on the foam roller or tennis ball, holding for a few seconds.

FEET | People tend to forget how much tension we carry in our feet. They carry our body weight around all day, take us for runs, and sit in uncomfortable shoes. This works best with a tennis ball, but you can use a foam roller too. Place the ball of one foot on your foam roller and hold it there for thirty seconds. Repeat the process for the arch of your foot and heel. Finish it out by rolling out your whole foot.

CALVES | You can do both legs at once, or roll each out one at a time. Place the back of your calves on the foam roller. Using your hands to move you, roll back and forth on the foam roller, massaging your calves. Be sure to roll to the outsides and insides of your calves as well. You can also take the weight out of your legs and move the foam roller by bending your knees

HAMSTRINGS | Same thing as calves, but this time put your hamstrings on the roller. Make sure to roll slightly to both sides in order to hit every muscle.

IT Band | Be careful with this one. Lay on your side with the foam roller just under your hip. Use the leg you aren’t rolling on and your hands to help you roll the outside of your leg. Do not roll onto your knee! Do both sides.

GLUTES | This one is always a good one ;) You’re going to roll one cheek out at a time, so lay slightly on your side with the roller under your booty. Using your hands and opposite leg to help, roll it out and switch sides.

QUADS | Just like foam rolling out your hamstrings, but this time lie face down on the roller. Roll from the tops of your knees to where your hips crease. You can also try to hit your hip flexors by rolling a little higher. Never roll over your knees!

LOWER BACK | Like the glutes, but the foam roller will be on your back. You’ll feel it much more doing one side at a time than lying flat on the roller.

UPPER BACK | Place the foam roller about where your bra line would be, and get into a sit up position. Use your legs to roll back and forth along your upper back. You can also put more weight to one side or another to target where your tension lies.

SHOULDERS | Lay slightly on your side with one arm stretched out above you. The foam roller should be placed about where your shoulder blade is. Use your legs and opposite arm to roll it out.

The end! Lie on your back on the foam roller, with the roller along your spine. Stretch your arms out to your sides, palms up. Take a moment for yourself and just

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#CHAARGrunsDC FITionistas

Happy #MemberMonday! This month we are featuring the 10 CHAARG girls who will be joining us to run 13.1 miles in DC at the end of this month. These girls all logged over 75 miles in January during our second #runCHAARG campaign ++ we cannot wait to meet [+ of course run] with all of them. With it being #FITionista month + all, we thought we would share all of their favorite fitgear with you. : ) Make sure to follow all of the FITionista fun on insta! [@_CHAARG + @VSSport] MEET #PITTCHAARG GIRL | DANA
— who logged 81.08 miles. We met Dana at the CHAARG National Retreat ’13 + she expressed that her FitGoal for the semester was to run a half marathon. Well, she is about to complete her FitGoal + we are so excited to share that experience with her! Everyone remembers her first half marathon : )
TRAINING | has been a little nuts with my schedule, but it’ s also been exciting + challenging. Before I joined CHAARG I could barely run 3 miles + now I ‘ve run 9! At the retreat I set the goal to run a half this year + I never thought I would make it this far — I’ m so honored + proud to be going to DC to reach my goal!
I ‘M MOST EXCITED FOR | crossing the finish line — I can’ t wait for that surge of pride + accomplishment + of course the post race celebrations!


RUNNING FITGEAR | Brooks sneakers — they never give me blisters + the color is a fun pop to splash up my running outfits

MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE | “If you’ re going through hell, keep going ” [it's always rough but I think Winston Churchill might have been referencing running when he said this ; )]

RUNNING SONG | No Church In The Wild — Kanye West

POST RUN SNACK | Banana + PB with Chocolate Milk!

MEET #NatCHAARG GIRL | Elisabeth
[just made that up, #NatCHAARG = National CHAARG] — logged 81.24 miles. You bet I ran 75+ miles during runCHAARG — I had to earn my spot, too ; ) This will be my second half marathon!
TRAINING | has been okay — it was a bummer to have to log all of the miles on the [dreaded] treadmill because of this NASTY cold winter. ++ then I went to Europe for ~3 weeks + well, let’s just say there wasn’t much [any] training involved. NEVERTHELESS, I am ready to take on my second half marathon with 10 CHAARG girls by my side!
I’M MOST EXCITED FOR | seeing DC [I've never been!] + of course meeting all of the CHAARG girls — this is going to be such a fun weekend! : )


RUNNING FITGEAR | Nike+ SportWatch GPS [++ Nike Coach -- I'd be lost without it!]

MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE | ” If you have a body, you ‘re an athlete”

RUNNING SONG | All the Way — Timeflies

POST RUN SNACK | BIG OL’ BKFST — two eggs over easy with sweet potato + onions + peppers + avocado + tomatoes + sriracha — YUM.


— who logged a total of 75.24 miles during runCHAARG. This will be her fourth half marathon. It has always been her dream to run a Nike Women race ++ she cannot wait for this weekend!
TRAINING | I have been taking some time off of running due to a foot injury but am hoping to pull through to run my fourth half marathon. I have been using the Nike+ Running Coach feature to train + loving it!
I ‘M MOST EXCITED FOR | the feeling you get when crossing the finish line ++ I cannot wait to experience this with 10 other CHAARG girls!

RUNNING FITGEAR | My CHAARG tank, of course! : ) But if we ‘re talking technology — the Nike+ Running Coach feature!

MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE | “Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’ t be afraid of it or what other people think of it. It ‘s the greatest instrument you’ ll ever own.” — Baz Luhrman

RUNNING SONG | Free [Cash Cash X Gazzo Remix] — Rudimental ft. Emelie or anything from the FITionista Sweat + Jam Sesh Playlist

POST RUN SNACK | Banana + PB + Chocolate Milk : )

Share your #FITionista style with us on instagram + you may be featured in one of our upcoming #TrainingTues posts! ; )

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FITionista Feature | True Citrus

True Citrus: Add a burst of citrus taste to your recipes + beverages. Find the true that fits you.
I’ve always been a huge fan of flavored water – always. Grape Propel, Lemon Dasani, Grapefruit LaCroix. Kiwi Strawberry Sparkling ICE, Orange Vitamin Water + Good Ol’ Homemade Flavored Water – Basil, Lime, Cucumber + Strawberries* [my personal fav!]. I could go on + on. The thing is, many of these flavored waters are not the best for you. You hear the word water + instantly think healthy, but [unfortunately] that’s not always the case. Although the flavored water may have zero calories, many times it is loaded with artificial sweeteners [yuck!].

A few of our favorite things about True Citrus ||

100% natural ingredients
Real flavor from real fruit ; )
No preservatives or artificial additives
They not only carry flavors for water – they carry flavors for cooking + baking! True Lime – Lime, Garlic + Cilantro [um, yes please].
They have a grapefruit flavor [my obsession]

As you may know, True Citrus is a sponsor of the FITionista Parties [sadly only one more – UMD on Thursday!]. Originally we were only going to have one flavor at the events, but it was too hard to choose just one. We decided that sample packs [picture below!] would be the best for everyone’s taste buds. That way you can decide what your favorite is!
True Lemonade — True Raspberry Lemonade — True Lime Black Cherry Limeade — True Peach Lemonade –True Orange Mango Orange — True Lemon — True Lime — True Orange — True Grapefruit

Other than grapefruit, I also love Black Cherry Limeade –- seriously addicting! I’ve yet to make a recipe with True Citrus, but that is on my agenda for May. I cannot wait! FITionistas –- have you made a recipe yet with your True Citrus products? Share with us on insta + tag @truelemon + @_CHAARG + #inCHAARG. For inspiration, check out 20 ways to use True Citrus.
Happy #FITionista Friday ; ) +Xo, elisabeth
*picture taken by Renee from Wild + Air at the CHAARG National Retreat

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