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Work for CHAARG — What I’m Looking For In A Team Member

You guys are awesome. Did you know that? I hope so — because you are. As I’m sure you know, I am in the process of looking for girls to join the CHAARG team. Going through the applications is so inspiring — and makes it so tough. I wish I could just say yes to everyone! I just want everyone to know that regardless of if you get a position or not, there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in CHAARG, especially as we are growin’ rapidly.

A lot of people have been asking me what exactly I’m looking for in an intern — an employee — a member of the team, so I wanted to share with you all what exactly I’m looking for ++ where I plan to take CHAARG in the future — where you will help take CHAARG.

First + foremost, CHAARG is a health + fitness organization. So, you better be passionate about health + fitness. ; ) I’m not asking for you to be a collegiate athlete — but, I’m looking for girls who are truly passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. From the beginning, CHAARG stood [+ still stands] for Changing Health, Attitudes + Actions. It’s important for girls to be physically healthy — but it’s also extremely important for girls to be mentally healthy. My thought has always been that if you show girls that fitness can be FUN + help them find their passion for health + fitness, it will start a positive trend throughout other areas in their life, thus creating a healthy + happy lifestyle. Because really, that’s what life is all about — being happy.

Which, leads me to the second quality I’m looking for — ability to inspire. I want you to be able to find ways to inspire yourself — inspire me — inspire this community. CHAARG is a community of 1,000+ uplifting + encouraging girls, all supporting one another’s goals — dreams — journey in this little thing called life. What’s unique about CHAARG is that girls have “in person” support [ie, the CHAARG Chapters] but also a much larger “virtual” support. It easy to create bonds, build motivation + feel inspired when you are working out with a group in person — but what about virtually? It’s definitely harder. However, think about the potential this community has if we grew even more connected through virtual support… instead of just 100 chapter members to support you, you have 1000+ [+ hopefully 2,000+ this fall!] CHAARG girls to push you to reach your goals — that is crazy awesome. So, as a member of Team CHAARG you would need to have the ability to find creative + innovate ways to continue to keep the inspiration alive + present. Your lifestyle should live by the CHAARG mantra.

Lastly, I’m looking for girls who have the ability to thrive in a fast paced, ever changing environment. Because, it is not easy. At all. It’s hard work — stressful — long hours — I can be picky ; ) — I tend to have ideas pop into my head + decide right then + there that we need to do this, which causes stress // little time planning… but also a [potential] great outcome [after all, that's how runCHAARG // CHAARGSBFP // CHAARGies came about]. But, when it’s all said + done, it is so rewarding. As a member of Team CHAARG — you will be doing good things. Even if CHAARG changes one girl’s life, it is worth it. CHAARG has the potential to change millions of girls lives, + I want — I need — to make that happen.

I need a core team who inspires me, motivates themselves + believes in CHAARG + will do whatever it takes to make this happen [#CHAARGgoesglobal]. CHAARG is movin’ — and movin’ fast. Who wants to run with me?

Below are positions I am looking for this summer — these are all part time + virtual. Email CHAARGopportunities@gmail.com for an application! All applications are due this Friday, May 9th at 11:59 PM. Come this fall, I will be looking for one-two full time employees. If this is of interest to you, send me your resume + a cover letter of why you think you would be a great addition to the CHAARG Team.


artsy + out of the box + strong sense of the CHAARG brand — visually + emotionally + is ready to take our marketing, apparel + website to the next level! [*must have experience with Adobe Illustrator // Photoshop]


Retreat Runner

creative + crafty + dreamer + doer! This girl will be the head of the planning + execution of the CHAARG National Retreat 2014 [YUP, it's happening! : )]

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.53.53 AM

Virtual Assistant 

seeks structure + pro organizer + responds to emails in a second + up to any task handed her way. This girl will be my assistant for just about everything : )

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.54.57 AM

Can’t wait to hear from you. Please forward on to any friends!

Happy Workout Wed ; ) +Ox, elisabeth

3 Responses to "Work for CHAARG — What I’m Looking For In A Team Member"

  • Lynsey Terrell via Facebook
    May 7, 2014 - 3:39 pm Reply

    Girrrrllll you are inspiring! Forget grad school, coming to team CHAARG ;)

  • Natalie Coles via Facebook
    June 10, 2014 - 5:08 pm Reply

    Hilda Reynoso-Vazquez

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